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What we don’t measure, we can’t manage/grow

According to Forbes while the process of goal setting is important because it helps unearth and identify what’s truly important to you, pursuing your goals is the real money-maker (literally and figuratively) because it builds self-efficacy; but there are some factors that can hinder you goals which includes the following.

  • Procrastination
  • Indiscipline
  • Low self esteem


10 tips on setting goals

  1. Your goals must be ambitious but achievable
  2. Make a list of your goals
  3. Discuss your goals with your partner
  4. Ensure that you set your own goals
  5. Set deadlines for each goals
  6. Carry with you your list of goals
  7. Be flexible when planning your goals
  8. Give up things that are barriers to your goals
  9. Be careful with whom you share your goals
  10. Start to visualize your goals


Acting on your goals

It is important to begin with your overall long-term goal and then break it down into a series of smaller goals.  Take each smaller goal in turn and brainstorm all the possible actions you will need to take to achieve each goal

Getting started in setting goals – Action point

  1. Begin by writing a list of your overall goals:  be it career, health, education, family etc.
  2. Break the list down into smaller sub-goals, making sure they are achievable and measurable
  3. Brainstorm, in no particular order, all the things that will need to happen for the goal to be achieved
  4. Put these into logical order, or sequence
  5. Put together your plan of action, along with measurable timelines
  6. Begin acting on your plan. Schedule time into your diary to make sure things happen
  7. Amend the plan as circumstances change
  8. Keep others informed of your progress
  9. Reward yourself as the plan starts to become a reality


On acting on your goals

  • Try to visualize the outcome you are looking to achieve. How will it make you feel?
  • Think about how will you feel if nothing changes
  • Begin working on your goals now
  • Do not let other people’s negative thinking put you off
  • Think positive
  • Reward yourself when you achieve your goals


Goal – What an Individual is Trying to Accomplish?

  • Directing one’s attention
  • Regulating one’s effort
  • Increasing one’s persistence
  • Encouraging the development of goal-attainment strategies or action plans



Transform your passion into career

Write out a list of your top five passions in life. Study this list to determine which one passion solves a need in the marketplace. Then transform that specific passion into your own business and you will have discovered the key to creating your own destiny


Visualize your dreams

Only those who can see the invisible can achieve the impossible. Belief in your vision is the key to creating your own destiny. Larry Olsen said, “First we must taste our vision, touch our vision, feel our vision, emotionalize our vision, and finally own our vision”

Once we learn to own our vision, the “how” of making it happen slowly presents itself?”

Set huge goals

What are your boldest goals in life? Whether you realize it or not, you have the ability to choose your destiny based on the decisions you make and the actions you take. We all have the ability to pre-determine our destination in advance simply by scripting our lives in the form of writing down our goals for how we desire our lives to be.



Put family ahead of work

Your family is more important than the world. Family is the only stabilizing force that helps you to navigate through uncertain financial times. No one ever found himself on his deathbed wishing he had spent more time at the office away from his family.”

Build Real Wealth through Self-Education

There is a huge difference between “book smarts” and “street smarts.” Getting a college education is extremely important, but your education should not stop after college. Jim Rohn said, “Formal education will earn you a living, but self-education will earn you afortune!”

Overcome Your Fears

Only two things in life can hold you back from your destiny: your fears and your self-limiting beliefs. David Joseph Schwartz said, “Do what you fear and your fears will disappear,” and the Reverend Dick Gregory said, “Fear and God do not occupy the same space.



Execute your plan daily

Your actions equal your results, so the best way to pursue your destiny is to do something every single day for the rest of your life to pursue your goals. John Addison said, “I will do today what others won’t so I will have tomorrow what others don’t.”

Become an Entrepreneur

Sooner or later, all jobs come to an end. Therefore, keep your day job while you simultaneously build your business. Your day job becomes the seed money to support your business. When you are employed working for “the Man,” you help someone else to create his or her destiny, not yours. The only way to earn your true worth is by becoming an entrepreneur

Focus on Your Health and Nutrition

Wealth without health is not worth its weight in gold. If you are truly to achieve your destiny, you need to focus as equally on your health goals as your wealth goals. Howard Howell said, “You must either diet or die.”


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