Stanbic IBTC Tech Founders 2020 & application for Cohort II

Stanbic IBTC Tech Founders 2020 & application for Cohort II
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Keturah Ovio, Founder, Limestart, emerged one of the winners of Stanbic IBTC Tech Founders Institute Lagos.

What this economy needs, according to Adeo Ressi, the founder of VC-rating site TheFunded, to get out of its rut is more startups. He wants to do his part to help jump start the economy with fresh ideas and leaders. TheFUNDED Founder Institute, to groom young founders into CEOs. The institute will play in the same entrepreneurial waters as Y CombinatorTechStarsSeedCamp, and LaunchBox Digital.
Ressi’s new venture-based startup camp Tech Founders Institute for very, very early-stage entrepreneurs and students who have basic ideas for potential startups but have not yet founded a company. The clauses will be limited to 150 students and will be a part time commitment, allowing professionals the ability to hold their jobs (other incubators require entrepreneurs to relocate and take time off from work to attend programs.

The students will be worked through an aggressive training schedule, where they will have access to lawyers, CEOs, and investors throughout a four month period. By the end of the semester, all the students will be required
to have an incorporated company with a prototype and potential investors. With access to a wealth of CEOs and investors through TheFunded, Ressi plants to provide students with a wide array of contacts in the tech industry.

Finally, if you wish to be part (which you should) of the 20 founders for Cohort II then apply NOW

Source: https://www.strumdigi.com.ng/

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