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Meet Dr. Femi Oladeji, he is a Lekki-Lagos based medical practitioner and one of the most renowned plastic and aesthetic surgeon in Nigeria, he is a world class plastic surgeon, skilled in public speaking, team building as well as leadership development, he is a strong passionate consultant with focus in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery from West African College of Surgeons. He is an experienced community mobilizer for health care and a philanthropist who is also the founder of Kind Hearts Nigeria (www.kindheartsng.org), an organization that focused on free treatment of cancer patients worldwide as well as the Managing Director of Valued Seed Health Care (owners of Lekki Hill Plastic Surgery).

Dr. Femi Oladeji can be regarded as one of the major forces behind the rebranding of plastic surgery in Nigeria and is among the top 3 most sought-after doctors in this line of business.

He did not allow his challenges override his passion; he discovered that he loves using his hands more, which was why he chose to do something related to plastic surgery and aesthetics.

Let’s delve into his world and uncover the lots of myths surrounding plastic surgery and the business around it. Our wonderful correspondent Bukola Oyedokun interviewed him to share with us his success story and his uniqueness in this business.


The first myth he debunked is the fact that Africans particularly Nigerians don’t love to patronize plastic surgery or Nigerian/African based plastic surgeons. VOICE FOR SME INTERVIEW WITH DR. FEMI OLADEJI - MD Valued Seed Health CareAccording to him Nigerians and Africans in general have been patronizing plastic surgery for many years back. Against all odds and the need to have a world class plastic surgery outfit at an affordable cost to the patients as well as reducing the burden of going outside the country for plastic surgeries led to the reality of this business. Moreover, the need to look good and feel confident has also surmounted the establishment of this mainstay business.

Another myth he debunked, is the high cost of undergoing plastic surgery. According to him, it all depends on the need and the type of surgery the patient requires; he further buttressed that it all boils down to the type of equipment, resources, facility and a number of cosmetics used in achieving the desired goal. But in comparison to traveling abroad (medical tourism) to achieve same result, his hospital here in Nigeria creates a whole lot of savings with plenty of coins returned to the patients’ pocket and so much more added to the country’s GDP.

VOICE FOR SME INTERVIEW WITH DR. FEMI OLADEJI - MD Valued Seed Health CareA whole lot of other myths were uncovered in this first part of the interview session such as high esteem in relation to plastic surgery, the bigger the better, risks involve in plastic surgery. One of the major high points is the fact that undergoing liposuctions contributes to reducing conditions of diabetes, reduces appetite, reduces high blood pressure etc. Another part to look out for is where he said that Liposuction increases the chances of getting PREGNANT.

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Voice for sme interview with the Mukasse bar owner Cynthia Owusu

Cynthia Owusu owner of Mukaase BarMeet Cynthia Owusu, the Ghanaian owner and the brain behind the success of #Mukaasebar. Creating a whole new level to jolliment and fun using African/Ghanaian drinks to refresh its lovers and those who wants to taste African original drinks, she had seen the need for a shift from the regular frizzy and unhealthy kind of drinks you get to taste in the bar and at events, and decided to make people enjoy the taste of African origins with health benefits.

She has definitely quenched the thirst of many who love African taste and her company has grown in the industry at local and international levels; she had decided to do what others would not do and go where others would not go in the African/Ghanaian drinks industry.

Mukaasebar provides fresh drinks that are natural, healthy, refreshing and ignites our taste buds.
Cynthia Owusu can be regarded as a lover of African/Ghanaian drinks, whose love and passion for this can be seen in how she makes others enjoy this African goodness as she calls it.

At Mukaase bar you get the best taste of Sobolo, Asana, Pito, Lamugin, other fresh fruit juices and so much more.
Our seasoned correspondent #AyoEmakhiomhe met with her to tell us her success story and her uniqueness in this business.
Her passion for the industry is so powerful that she is taking it to a whole new dimension into the Mukaase Bar. Her bar is presently located in Ghana and Nigeria.
The social media handle is @the_Mukaasebarcompany and she can be reached by email – themukassebar@gmail.com OR call +233-505-787-794

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CLICK the link TO WATCH the video: https://youtu.be/gW6t7NIiuE8

Opportunities in the events industry are not being tapped in Nigeria – Temmie Tsoule


Meet Mr. Temmie Tsoule, the founder of #eventmarketnigeria and #eventindustrynigeria – EMN/EIN.
Having gone through the event industry as an onlooker and practitioner from top to bottom, he had seen the need for a platform to bring all the players & stakeholders in the event market value chain together.
Having done all in the industry at local and international levels, he had decided to go do what others would not do and go where others would not go in the event industry.
He can be referred to as the trail blazer breaking new grounds in the event industry.
Our correspondents Ayo Emakhiomhe & Wole Akeju meets up with him at his Surulere Nigeria office to appreciate his vision.
His passion for the industry is so strong that he has given up his company to focus on Event Market Nigeria – EMN/Event Industry Nigeria – EIN; watch video below

Their office is located at 14, Adisa Bashua Street, Surulere, Lagos Nigeria with Liason offices across the country.
The websites are
www.eventmarket.ng and www.eventindustry.ng
They can be reached by phone on +2348082022788   
The platform is open to membership and runs the system as an empowerment platform for every player on it offering value added services to everyone that joins.

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She exposes kids to be street wise without actually being on the road, Anyanwu Oluseyi, , founder of Apt Foundation School

Anyanwu Oluseyi is the founder of Apt Foundation Nursery & Primary School, Oworonshoki, Lagos. The school came to birth after Creative Children Learning Centre (CCLC), after realizing that kids between ages 1-2 years are out of school

because of the fact that their parents go to work and the kids needs to be placed in somewhere safe, as well as learn, not just a play school.

The centre opens as early as 6am in the morning, mainly for parents that have to go out for work that early, and closes as late as 9pm in the evening.

The centre exposes kids to learn morals and proper upbringing, as well as to be street wise without actually being on the road. They also learn to drum

pictoral recitations not just head recitation, sex education showing different zones of the body (private places that people are not allowed to touch and public places that they are

allowed to touch), basic traffic rules, manners. The kids are given projects and regular assignments as a way of teaching and learning,

Only 4% of the students leave for home after close of school, others stay for after school because their parents are at work.

Moreover, the school system recognizes the individual differences of every kid in the school, so the after school setting is such like a home lesson pattern

You can reach Anyanwu Oluseyi on phone at  +2348099081872


“The cost of mortgages will come down drastically in Nigeria” Mrs. Olajumoke Fashanu


Mrs. Olajumoke Fashanu is the MD/CEO of Firsthome Mortgage Brokers Limited; the foremost mortgage broking company in Nigeria. She is a highly intelligent, highly motivated, and very insightful personality leading the mortgage industry with a passion to provide a home for every Nigerian on the face of this earth.

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According to her “we have a housing deficit of more than 17 million units in Nigeria” and stated that the major reason for this is ability to afford the homes by those that need it but “The cost of providing mortgages will come down drastically” as government is working on schemes in partnership with pension funds to address the high cost of mortgage in the country.

She sees mortgage as an age challenge and believes that access to mortgage financing should be from a young adult age – “the earlier a young person realises they want a home, the earlier they are to start saving”.

She can be considered a trail blazer and an innovator as she started mortgage brokerage when it did not exist in Nigeria and when there were no laws in the country guiding its establishment and operations. At this time, such a venture is like suicide but she took the leap in faith but instead of dying she has soared higher and higher with her company – Firsthome mortgage brokers limited who is the leading company in Nigeria for the provision of mortgage brokerage services in the country.

She brings a message of hope as she says that “It is not that there are no houses but there is a mismatch” all that needs to be done is to realign people with homes that suit their pockets and needs not wants and many people with have a roof over their heads.

this is a 2-part interview. the first one is below:

In the second part of the interview, she talked about the parties to ensuring the success of Mortgage delivery in Nigeria and some of the loans available to the public.

These include:

  • Rent-to-own mortgage where you build equity and then get into the mortgage and pay back in form of rental payments
  • home ownership mortgage by the Federal mortgage bank of Nigeria
  • Renovation Loan by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria and others.

She also had some advise for women coming up in business as entrepreneurs and those coming in to the real estate industry. Watch the second part of the interview below;

Having talked with her, we still had a brief interview with her Head Business development – Mr. Ayodele Idris, who gave us a brief walk through of the brokerage process. watch below;

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Cake making is a passion for me; Voice for SME interview with Temitope Jimoh

Voice for SME crew had a meet with the Creative Director, Jadore Cakes, Miss Temitope Jimoh. She is a bundle of fun and our time with her was enlightening, especially when she gave us an expose of the pastry business.

Jádore Cakes is French for I love cakes. Loves the sight of cakes, and according to her, cutting them was traumatic. She just loved keeping cakes beautiful, all so that she could look at them

“I started Jadore Cakes to give people an experience and quality that will be hard to find anywhere else in Nigeria.”

Vision, according to Temitope is a mirage, something you have to keep looking up to, it’s seen as a milestone you keep attaining each time, which has to evolve, if it’s not working for you, you have to change it, if it’s not sustainable, you have to break it down

Inspired by Steven Covey’s concept of ‘Circle of Influence’ (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), where you concentrate more on the things you have control over and not vice versa. She discovered that if she could move certain things to where she would have control, she will rather do that than complain. This is seen with her ability to do her website and graphics designs, as well as take photographs herself, after some frustrating experiences from the so call professionals.

According to her, she said that initially she had no control over them, but by the time she learnt and mastered the art, thereby bringing them back to the things she has control over.

She ventures into training students online for subscribers outside Nigeria. Aiming to make Jadore Cakes become a household name that will be able to service children because she is so passionate about children’s cakes, as seen from her walls. According to her, she thinks like a child.

Jadore Cakes office is at 12, Femi Ogun Street, Magodo, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Website is www.jadorecakesng.com

You can reach them on phone at +2349090004691

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Jadore cakes


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I Have Been in Fashion Since 2003; Voice for SME interview with Samuel Musa

Vincent Gath Clothing Company manufactures premium quality product for ready to wear off the rack. A Nigerian brand that has made its way into the market that is dominated by western products, with a goal to become Nigeria’s largest garment manufacturing and retail brand company in & out of Nigeria. Established in 2008, after the founder Samuel Musa, who also is the creative director, graduated from Covenant University same year. He studied Estate Management.

The name Vincent Gath was coined from the combination of Musa’s parents’ names: Vincent, for his father, and Gath for ‘Agatha’, for his mother. The brand houses an interesting production process which begins with Musa himself, the chief creative director. He conceptualizes the designs and creates sale-able product, then illustrate the design into visuals, which is communicated to the team of tailors, who then go to the market to source for suitable fabrics for the design.

Once the fabrics are sources, there would be further discussions on the designs and tailors, and patterns will be created, and a sample is produced. The sample is now subjected to a market feasibility review, which once approved, will undergo for mass production, where it will then make its way to the retail stores where the products are sold.

The brand is retailing in over 4-5 stores in Lagos and Abuja, and currently in South Africa

Vincent Gath office is at 7 Oladeinde Street Anthony Village lagos

You can reach Vincent Gath on phone at  +2348092195904


GM, Thriving Enterprise Development Center, Dr Bukola Adewakun

Dr Bukola Adewakun is a trained veteran. She is also the GM of Thriving Enterprise Development Center. After graduating, she was privileged to get training by her brother and after training, she got into human resource management. She is been a human resource manager for the past 12 to 13 years.

Presently, she is the General Manager of thriving enterprise development center. Thriving enterprise development center is a business school that started 3 years ago. The reason for the school was the downfall of startup/ small businesses.

The school helps with the training on how to start, run and grow your business to a world class business.

They do a 2 weeks intensive programs which are in 3 modes. They also do 1 day training programs. They have trained 2000 people during the 1 day training program. They also teach different skills and they conduct summer schools and programs for children from ages 10 to 20.

They also teach you all the tricks of business and they pay attention to every kind of business.

The aim of TEDC is not just to train but to train and follow up, to ensure that they actually get the success that they are looking for. They have a mentoring program which follow up every candidate that attends the program.


Dr. Abisola Musa is the CEO of GLAMINMOMENT Makeup Studio

Dr. Abisola Musa is the founder and CEO of GLAMINMOMENT Makeup Studio. Dr. Abisola Musa graduated from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos in 2014. She has always had the passion for makeup while in school. She will help her friends to trim their eyebrows and apply basic makeup, back in school. After graduating, she decided to get more groomed in the art of makeup while waiting for a placement job at Lagos state University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

After getting groomed, she got a job at National Hospital, Abuja. She moved to Abuja and started practicing her skill on people and getting paid. In the process, she decided to get more groomed in makeup; she went to another makeup school in Abuja. She later got married while still in her makeup school. After she was through with her course, she relocated back to Lagos with her husband and this was when GLAMINMOMENT was established.

The name, GLAMINMOMENT, was decided by she and her husband, they both have the concept that women need to always look good and presentable no matter the occasion. Dr. Abisola Musa is all about beauty, everything and anything that makes her woman happy and feels beautiful and confident. She is of the opinion that a woman should always look confident and presentable anywhere she finds herself, no matter the occasion. Makeup for GLAMINMOMENT basically starts with getting a client, either a walk-in client or a bride or home service clients.

Most clients don’t know the type of makeup that they want, so we ask them how they like their makeup to look before starting the client’s makeup. There is no staff at GLAMINMOMENT but there are people on ground how are always available in case extra hands are needed. It is a business that is just starting and there is no intention of getting any staff no the main time.

Most people don’t know their skin tone or the correct type of shade to use but GLAMINMOMENT is here to be your guide. She is always happy whenever a client feels happy and confident after the makeover. The feedbacks are amazing an she gets good references from old clients.

In the next 5 years, GLAMINMOMENT, will be the brand that brings out the confidence in every woman and creating job opportunities to the society at large and also empowering other women. She has tried her best not to depend on the economy and she has done great at that.

GLAMINMOMENT office is at 7 Oladeinde Street Anthony Village lagos

You can reach her @glaminmoments


Addressing Housing shortage in Nigeria

We went on investigation the other day to find out why is it still looking like a mirage to achieve affordable housing for all that was part of the dream for year 2000 and still a mirage 18 years after?

This led us to the gates of FIRSTHOME MORTGAGE BROKERS LIMITED on of the foremost leading mortgage broking firms in Nigeria.

We met the MD Mrs. Jumoke Fashanu and had a lot to talk about across the mortgage sector. below are behind the scene shots, watch out for the main interview soonest.


It was a fun day with all the gaffes and corrections but in all it was a wrap!

entrance 2

voiceforsme back shots

At the end of the day we left with that message that affordable mortgage exists and is real in Nigeria. It takes efforts from us all to work together to make affordable housing a reality.