She exposes kids to be street wise without actually being on the road, Anyanwu Oluseyi, , founder of Apt Foundation School

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Anyanwu Oluseyi is the founder of Apt Foundation Nursery & Primary School, Oworonshoki, Lagos. The school came to birth after Creative Children Learning Centre (CCLC), after realizing that kids between ages 1-2 years are out of school

because of the fact that their parents go to work and the kids needs to be placed in somewhere safe, as well as learn, not just a play school.

The centre opens as early as 6am in the morning, mainly for parents that have to go out for work that early, and closes as late as 9pm in the evening.

The centre exposes kids to learn morals and proper upbringing, as well as to be street wise without actually being on the road. They also learn to drum

pictoral recitations not just head recitation, sex education showing different zones of the body (private places that people are not allowed to touch and public places that they are

allowed to touch), basic traffic rules, manners. The kids are given projects and regular assignments as a way of teaching and learning,

Only 4% of the students leave for home after close of school, others stay for after school because their parents are at work.

Moreover, the school system recognizes the individual differences of every kid in the school, so the after school setting is such like a home lesson pattern

You can reach Anyanwu Oluseyi on phone at  +2348099081872


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