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I Have Been in Fashion Since 2003; Voice for SME interview with Samuel Musa

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Vincent Gath Clothing Company manufactures premium quality product for ready to wear off the rack. A Nigerian brand that has made its way into the market that is dominated by western products, with a goal to become Nigeria’s largest garment manufacturing and retail brand company in & out of Nigeria. Established in 2008, after the founder Samuel Musa, who also is the creative director, graduated from Covenant University same year. He studied Estate Management.

The name Vincent Gath was coined from the combination of Musa’s parents’ names: Vincent, for his father, and Gath for ‘Agatha’, for his mother. The brand houses an interesting production process which begins with Musa himself, the chief creative director. He conceptualizes the designs and creates sale-able product, then illustrate the design into visuals, which is communicated to the team of tailors, who then go to the market to source for suitable fabrics for the design.

Once the fabrics are sources, there would be further discussions on the designs and tailors, and patterns will be created, and a sample is produced. The sample is now subjected to a market feasibility review, which once approved, will undergo for mass production, where it will then make its way to the retail stores where the products are sold.

The brand is retailing in over 4-5 stores in Lagos and Abuja, and currently in South Africa

Vincent Gath office is at 7 Oladeinde Street Anthony Village lagos

You can reach Vincent Gath on phone at  +2348092195904


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