GM, Thriving Enterprise Development Center, Dr Bukola Adewakun

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Dr Bukola Adewakun is a trained veteran. She is also the GM of Thriving Enterprise Development Center. After graduating, she was privileged to get training by her brother and after training, she got into human resource management. She is been a human resource manager for the past 12 to 13 years.

Presently, she is the General Manager of thriving enterprise development center. Thriving enterprise development center is a business school that started 3 years ago. The reason for the school was the downfall of startup/ small businesses.

The school helps with the training on how to start, run and grow your business to a world class business.

They do a 2 weeks intensive programs which are in 3 modes. They also do 1 day training programs. They have trained 2000 people during the 1 day training program. They also teach different skills and they conduct summer schools and programs for children from ages 10 to 20.

They also teach you all the tricks of business and they pay attention to every kind of business.

The aim of TEDC is not just to train but to train and follow up, to ensure that they actually get the success that they are looking for. They have a mentoring program which follow up every candidate that attends the program.

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