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a picture of Coworkspace

a picture of Coworkspace

We are offering the 1st 5 people to register using the link below to use our coworkspace for free this coming Monday 3rd of February, 2020.


COINBOX COWORKSPACE – Smart & Productive Workspace

Our service include: Coworking Area | Training Space | Meeting Room | Virtual Office


Affordable rates – Great ambience – 24/7 electric supply – Fast internet – Great community – Wonderful support team – Secure environment – Central location.

Get the best out of your Monday’s work schedule, we are offering this coming Monday free of charge for the 1st 5 people to register to use our coworkspace.


Deadline for registration is Saturday 1st of February, 2020. 9am NG time. Use this link to register:



For more info: 09093929847, 07038793291, 08140768041. coinboxcoworkspace@coinboxlimited.com.ng.

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Become the Next Tony Elumelu entrepreneur – Training | Mentorship | Seed Capital | Networking.

Applications are open for submission from January 1 – March 1, 2020.

As part of the activity for the selection process of the programme you will need a business plan which will guide you in defending your business idea, this is where you need COINBOX LIMITED. We are experts in writing bespoke business plans and we want to help you. Our rates are pocket friendly. Plus necessary advice required for accessing the grant.

To attend this Expert Session on TEF Application Guidlines. You need to register here (https://forms.gle/qS8fTy3kFPU2dv6m6) and pay SESSION FEE – N2000.

Date | 8th of Feb, 2020
Time | 9 am
Venue | 37A, Ramat Crescent, Ogudu GRA, Lagos State

Payment should be made into our Accounts:
Account Name: Coinbox Limited.
Zenith Bank PLC: Account No: 1011765876
Access Bank PLC: Account No: 0029347411

Please don’t forget to contact us for more enquiries: 08140768041, 09084824985. You can also email us: info@coinboxlimited.com.ng.


Your business plan-Your next big break?

Your business plan-Your next big break?

 Every business owner should want to expand his/her business, be more competitive in their industry and achieve smart business goals. This is why it is always important to include a business plan as part of an organisational assets.

Whether you’ve just started out or being running for years, business planning can be the key to your success.

The founder of small starter once said that business plan is not always the long, complex and scary document you think it is depending on your target audience (banks, investors, business plan competition), a business plan can be as simple or complex as you want it.”  If you still wouldn’t want to write it yourself and you want to have one, I am here to help you at very affordable fee.

  • A business plan is vital to helping you get finance

If you’re seeking finance for your business, you’ll need to show banks and investors why they should invest in your business. A great business plan is the best way to show bankers, venture capitalists, and other investors that you are worthy of financial support.

  • A business plan can help you prioritise business plan

to provide more information

Preparing a business plan will help you work out the goals you want to achieve, and the strategies to achieve them.

  • A business plan can give you control over your business

Developing your business plan helps you to step back and look at what’s working in your business and what you can improve on.


You may still be able to build a successful business without a plan, infact many people have built successful businesses without a business plan but it is most certainly easier to do with a well-constructed business plan in your hands.


It may interest you to know that I have helped organisations write plans that have propelled their businesses to a new level, as we have carefully designed easy implementation and realistic strategies needed to attain the level of success they desired.


I have also written plans that have helped my clients apply for funding beyond the shores of Nigeria


Let me help you create that outstanding business plan that will give your business all the advantages it needs to thrive.


Call: 08032820106

Email: bukolaoye1405@gmail.com

Website: www.coinboxlimited.com.ng


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a picture of setting target by WORKING SMART - goal setting



What we don’t measure, we can’t manage/grow

According to Forbes while the process of goal setting is important because it helps unearth and identify what’s truly important to you, pursuing your goals is the real money-maker (literally and figuratively) because it builds self-efficacy; but there are some factors that can hinder you goals which includes the following.

  • Procrastination
  • Indiscipline
  • Low self esteem


10 tips on setting goals

  1. Your goals must be ambitious but achievable
  2. Make a list of your goals
  3. Discuss your goals with your partner
  4. Ensure that you set your own goals
  5. Set deadlines for each goals
  6. Carry with you your list of goals
  7. Be flexible when planning your goals
  8. Give up things that are barriers to your goals
  9. Be careful with whom you share your goals
  10. Start to visualize your goals


Acting on your goals

It is important to begin with your overall long-term goal and then break it down into a series of smaller goals.  Take each smaller goal in turn and brainstorm all the possible actions you will need to take to achieve each goal

Getting started in setting goals – Action point

  1. Begin by writing a list of your overall goals:  be it career, health, education, family etc.
  2. Break the list down into smaller sub-goals, making sure they are achievable and measurable
  3. Brainstorm, in no particular order, all the things that will need to happen for the goal to be achieved
  4. Put these into logical order, or sequence
  5. Put together your plan of action, along with measurable timelines
  6. Begin acting on your plan. Schedule time into your diary to make sure things happen
  7. Amend the plan as circumstances change
  8. Keep others informed of your progress
  9. Reward yourself as the plan starts to become a reality


On acting on your goals

  • Try to visualize the outcome you are looking to achieve. How will it make you feel?
  • Think about how will you feel if nothing changes
  • Begin working on your goals now
  • Do not let other people’s negative thinking put you off
  • Think positive
  • Reward yourself when you achieve your goals


Goal – What an Individual is Trying to Accomplish?

  • Directing one’s attention
  • Regulating one’s effort
  • Increasing one’s persistence
  • Encouraging the development of goal-attainment strategies or action plans



Transform your passion into career

Write out a list of your top five passions in life. Study this list to determine which one passion solves a need in the marketplace. Then transform that specific passion into your own business and you will have discovered the key to creating your own destiny


Visualize your dreams

Only those who can see the invisible can achieve the impossible. Belief in your vision is the key to creating your own destiny. Larry Olsen said, “First we must taste our vision, touch our vision, feel our vision, emotionalize our vision, and finally own our vision”

Once we learn to own our vision, the “how” of making it happen slowly presents itself?”

Set huge goals

What are your boldest goals in life? Whether you realize it or not, you have the ability to choose your destiny based on the decisions you make and the actions you take. We all have the ability to pre-determine our destination in advance simply by scripting our lives in the form of writing down our goals for how we desire our lives to be.



Put family ahead of work

Your family is more important than the world. Family is the only stabilizing force that helps you to navigate through uncertain financial times. No one ever found himself on his deathbed wishing he had spent more time at the office away from his family.”

Build Real Wealth through Self-Education

There is a huge difference between “book smarts” and “street smarts.” Getting a college education is extremely important, but your education should not stop after college. Jim Rohn said, “Formal education will earn you a living, but self-education will earn you afortune!”

Overcome Your Fears

Only two things in life can hold you back from your destiny: your fears and your self-limiting beliefs. David Joseph Schwartz said, “Do what you fear and your fears will disappear,” and the Reverend Dick Gregory said, “Fear and God do not occupy the same space.



Execute your plan daily

Your actions equal your results, so the best way to pursue your destiny is to do something every single day for the rest of your life to pursue your goals. John Addison said, “I will do today what others won’t so I will have tomorrow what others don’t.”

Become an Entrepreneur

Sooner or later, all jobs come to an end. Therefore, keep your day job while you simultaneously build your business. Your day job becomes the seed money to support your business. When you are employed working for “the Man,” you help someone else to create his or her destiny, not yours. The only way to earn your true worth is by becoming an entrepreneur

Focus on Your Health and Nutrition

Wealth without health is not worth its weight in gold. If you are truly to achieve your destiny, you need to focus as equally on your health goals as your wealth goals. Howard Howell said, “You must either diet or die.”


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We offer management and career development trainings specially designed to give you an edge as an individual or organization. Contact us now to register for the best that suits you: 08140768041, 09084824985. You can also email us: info@coinboxlimited.com.ng

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a picture of setting target by WORKING SMART - goal setting


What we don’t measure, we can’t manage/grow

Continuing from where we stopped the last time, according to MindTools the process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts. You’ll also quickly spot the distractions that can, so easily, lead you astray.

  • Goal-setting techniques are used by successful people in all fields.
  • Goal setting is the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and time frames.



  • inspire you to do the work
  • excite and even scare you
  • are specific, measurable and written in the present tense


Write down your goals – Also capture them in picture form

a picture setting of goals


  • Revenue
  • Cost
  • Profit
  • Staff Strength
  • Clientele base
  • Space/Expansion
  • Partnerships/Projections/Collaboration
  • New product/Service offering
  • New incorporation
  • New Market
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Training/certifications
  • Networking
  • Net worth
  • Family
  • spirituality


Develop a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals


Work “SMART”


  • Set your goals – not vague, but clear and precise
  • State in plain terms what you want to achieve
  • Focus exactly on what you want to do



  • The goals should be quantifiable in some ways, so that you can assess the progress you are making or indeed, not making



  • You need to focus on goals that are realistic and possible
  • They should stretch you, but should not be so completely beyond your reach that they are unrealistic and unattainable



  • Look at the goal in the context of your wider plans
  • Is it a useful part of the larger vision for what you want to do?
  • Will you be able to put adequate resources into it?



  • Look at the goal in the context of your wider plans
  • Is it a useful part of the larger vision for what you want to do?
  • Will you be able to put adequate resources into it?


3 things to do to stay focus on goals:

“Keep the goal before you everyday”

“Engage the law of buy-in”

“Paint a picture of a preferable future”


In case you missed the previous series of working smart click here.


We offer management and career development trainings specially designed to give you an edge as an individual or organization. Contact us now to register for the best that suits you: 08140768041, 09084824985. You can also email us: info@coinboxlimited.com.ng

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FarmAgric Foundation for Agriculture has partnered with GIZ-SKYE project to initiate the ASAP project in order to train and empower 500 young persons who are interested in agriculture. This training will be carried out using global standard training modules.

The objective of the ASAP is to efficiently train young people on contemporary agricultural techniques, create awareness on standardized farming practices and make financial aid available to outstanding trainees.

Through this program, 500 youths will be equipped with requisite skills and knowledge through theoretical and practical agricultural trainings; in order to create income generating employment opportunities and ventures.

At the end of the ASAP project this programme would have successfully increased youth participation and interest in agriculture. Direct and indirect employment opportunities would be created – decreasing unemployment rate and enhancing economic growth.


Module 1. Good Agricultural practices 13th  January – 8th  February
Module 2. Farmer Business School 24th February- 3rd April
Module 3. Farmer c0orporative 20th April- 29th May
 Assessment 15th June- 19th June
 Internship placements 3rd  August – 30th September
 Call for business plan submission 5th October – 23rd October
 Scrutinize applications and Select successful applicants 26th October – 20th November
Disbursement of Grants 30th November – 4th December


Complete the registration here: https://farmagricfoundation.org/asap/#1576793809971-71ccbbda-40f4.

Source: https://farmagricfoundation.org/asap

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Growth and Internationalization

Growth and Internationalization
Government and business leaders are worried about the effects of protectionism and trade wars. However, the current uncertain global environment has also generated opportunities for growth. Examples include new manufacturing supply chains involving Vietnam, Africa, Latin America, and other regions. To compete effectively at this new game, companies and territories should adopt an internationalization strategy. For businesses, this means more flexible, regional operational footprints. For governments, it means focusing on five key attributes of growth- enabling economy stability, tourism, services for export, good governance and digital public services.

A new model of market expansion strategy which we call INTERNATIONALIZATION is replacing the globalism of the early 2000s. This model acknowledges that the global business ecosystem now includes many small and medium sized enterprises and ambitious family businesses, often based in emerging markets, linked together by collaborative supply chains and platforms. At the same time, larger companies with established global supply chains have realized that they need to bring their operations closer to the demand they are targeting. The trade tensions of 2019 have heightened awareness of these dynamics and accelerated the business response to them.
Internationalization is paying more attention to regional opportunities, and moving activity to places businesses might not have favored in the past. To be sure, global trade will still thrive, but there will be much more regional concentration. Rather than shipping goods around the world from cheap labor hubs, companies manufacture goods for Asia customers in Asia, for European customers in Central Europe, and for North America. They develop regional footprints, sourcing from more locations.

  1. It grants a true independence from the local market business cycles
  2. Permits to access a broader market
  3. Helps to improve a general company’s image
  4. Enhances productive capacity
  5. Diminishes costs by virtue of enhancing productive efficiency
  6. More growth and profitability
This approach opens new opportunities for governments to take a fresh look at the capabilities and strengths of their industries and people, and carve out winning position for themselves as gem of trade and investment.

For businesses, a strategy based on internationalization will mean shifting supply chains to serve new consumer markets with products that are manufactured with regional suppliers, as well as being flexible enough to manage rapid changes in tariffs and other geographical shifts. The winning governments will be those that are open for business, in a way that leads companies to find them and settle into a patter – now and ideally into the future.

We offer management and career development trainings specially designed to give you an edge as an individual or organization. Contact us now to register for the best that suits you: 08140768041, 09084824985. You can also email us: info@coinboxlimited.com.ng.

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Change they say is constant but adapting to change particularly in the workplace is sometimes a herculean task. People tend to love living in the same status quo. Just like the Japanese frog story, people will naturally prefer to remain in their comfort zone.
Change Management is a term used to refer to the introduction of new processes in an organization, or the management of people who are experiencing change. It is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.
In a layman’s definition is “the coordination of a structured period of transition from situation A to situation B in order to achieve lasting change within an organization.

There are three Levels of Change Management

  • Individual Change Management
This requires understanding how people experience change and what they need to change successfully.  It also requires knowing what will help people make a successful transition: what message do people need to hear, when and from whom, when the optimal time to teach someone a new skill is, how to coach people to demonstrate new behaviors, and what makes changes stick in someone’s work.

  • Organizational/Initiative Change Management
This provides us with the steps and actions to take at the project level to support the hundreds who are impacted by a project.
OCM involves first identifying the groups and people who will need to change as the result of the project, what ways they will need to change and then creating a customized plan for ensuring impacted employees receive the awareness, leadership, coaching and training they need in order to change successfully.
Driving successful individual transitions should be the central focus of the activities in organizational change management.

  • Enterprise Change Management Capability
This means effective change management is embedded into your organization’s roles, structures, processes, projects and leadership competencies. Change management processes are consistently and effectively applied to initiatives, leaders have the skills to guide their team through change, and employees know what to ask for in order to be successful.

The end result of an enterprise change management capability is that individuals embrace change more quickly and effectively, and organizations are able to respond quickly to market changes, embrace strategic initiatives, and adopt new technology more quickly with less productivity impact.


We offer management and career development trainings specially designed to give you an edge as an individual or organization. Contact us now to register for the best that suits you: 08140768041, 09084824985. You can also email us: info@coinboxlimited.com.ng.

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Invitation to Submit Application For Africa 50’s Innovation Challenge

Invitation to Submit Application For Africa 50's Innovation Challenge

 Invitation to Submit Application For Africa 50's Innovation Challenge In recognition of your work in the field of innovation and technology, we would like to invite you to participate in the first edition of Africa50’s Innovation Challenge. As a pan-African investment platform focused on infrastructure development, Africa50 has launched this initiative to crowdsource novel solutions to help solve Africa’s most critical and pressing infrastructure development challenges.
A Call for Solutions to address Last Mile Internet Connectivity in Africa
For this first edition, the theme is last mile internet connectivity and the goal of the Challenge is to source solutions that can help significantly increase access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet in under-served areas of Africa.
In collaboration with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa a (UNECA), Africa50 is looking for the most innovative infrastructure and tech solutions which enable people to connect to the internet in their daily lives, through fixed and mobile devices.
Africa50 believes Innovative last mile internet connectivity solutions have the potential to create significant commercial value across the continent and leave a lasting social impact. It sees it as an exciting opportunity to engage with the most creative minds to develop innovative solutions in Africa, to solve an African challenge while creating value for investors.
Why you should apply?
Africa50’s Innovation Challenge provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to get your solution in front of our investment team and project funding partners, as well as gain exposure in Africa’s leading tech events.

Benefits include:
Investment Opportunity/Financial Reward
The winners stand the chance to receive a cash prize or project development funding, as well as technical support to scale up and roll out their projects.

Unique, unmatched opportunity for scalability throughout the entire continent
You also have the opportunity for scalability throughout the entire continent. To date, Africa50 has 28 African shareholder countries which it can leverage to scale successful solutions.

Access to world renowned experts (Expert panel)
The ideas will be reviewed by a group of experts in ICT, investment, and socio-economic development, as well as Africa50’s investment team.

Investor Connections B2B matching services to connect with new partners.
Beta-test products and scale alongside other sponsors and developers in the Africa50 ecosystem (which offers you the chance to turn trial periods into real contracts).
Making a difference: work collaboratively with organizations from across the industrial spectrum and from around the world on a focused challenge that’s going to make a real difference to the lives of many.
Visibility across the entire continent and beyond
All finalists will be featured in video and/or social media materials and at our event/media engagement activities, for example at the Afrobytes Summit in Paris (May 2020) and other Afrobytes events, the Africa Investment Forum (November 2020), Transform Africa (April 2020), our GSM (July 2020) and AfricaCom (November 2020).

Solutions selected for project development investment will be rolled-out in Rwanda as the pilot country, with the objective to scale them up to other countries in Africa.

The winning criteria
Applicants will be judged on several criteria including innovation, scalability, affordability, and sustainability. In addition, solutions should be modular and be ready to deploy. Solutions will be assessed by a panel including Africa50 investment executives, and independent experts.

Who should apply
The call is open for innovators, engineers, developers, ICT experts, individuals and organizations in Africa and worldwide, to submit their workable solutions for funding and implementation.

How to apply
To apply visit our website https://africa50innovationchallenge.com/. The application process will require you to provide us with a short description of the work that you’re doing and fill in a questionnaire.

Application deadline
Please submit your application before December 31, 2019.

For more information
To learn more about the Challenge, please see the attached brochure. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Lina Naciri at (l.naciri@africa50.com +212 669 938 300), with copy to Mr. Mactar Seck, UNECA (seck8@un.org)

About Africa50
Africa50 is an infrastructure investment platform that contributes to Africa’s growth by developing and investing in bankable projects, catalysing public sector capital, and mobilizing private sector funding, with differentiated financial returns and impact. In addition to the 28 African countries Africa50’s investor base includes the African Development Bank, the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO), and Bank Al-Maghrib, with over $876 million in committed capital. Since inception, Africa50 has invested in several projects in Africa and our priority sectors are power, transport, ICT and midstream gas.

Source: https://africa50innovationchallenge.com/

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African Women Entrepreneurs Invited to Apply for Year long Training Program

Are you a female in business or aspiring to go into business? If yes, then  this is key information for you.

We are pleased to alert you to the news that the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) will begin to accept online applications on 4 December 2019 for its third cohort. AWEC is a 12-month, high-touch leadership and management capacity building program. Its mission is to empower women from across Africa and the diaspora with the knowledge and network needed to build resilient and scalable businesses.

For one year, beginning on 1 April 2020, AWEC cohort members are guided through an intensive applied and collaborative learning model that blends online and offline experiences. They learn real-world lessons from CEOs and business school professors. They apply new knowledge to their own businesses. They are paired with senior business mentors from around the world. And they create a lasting network of 200 women entrepreneurs from across the continent who become their supporters, champions, and cheerleaders.

AWEC is open to African female founders running a business in any industry. Aspiring women entrepreneurs who have a well-developed and innovative business idea are also encouraged to apply.

Women interested in applying for AWEC’s program should be prepared to:

  • Commit to an intensive program that requires a 4-6 hour commitment per week, for one year
  • Engage in an online and offline experience that requires regular Internet access (at least weekly)
  • Keep up with a fast-paced learning environment conducted entirely in English

The application will go live at 12:00am UTC on 4 December and will close at 11:59pm UTC on 17 December. No late applications will be accepted.

While there is no program fee to participate in AWEC, cohort members are required to commit their time (4 to 6 hours per week for one year) and energy to being an active learner and participant in the AWEC community.

While the Global Scholars community is international and AWEC is focused on African women entrepreneurs, we hope you will share this unique learning opportunity with your networks to help us to reach more women entrepreneurs across Africa and its diaspora who are seeking to increase their knowledge and grow their businesses. For more information about the program and to apply online, visit: www.thecge.net/awec/apply.

AWEC is a program operated by the Center for Global Enterprise, a nonprofit organization based in the U.S.


Karen Sippel

Managing Director

African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative

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