Dr. Abisola Musa is the CEO of GLAMINMOMENT Makeup Studio

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Dr. Abisola Musa is the founder and CEO of GLAMINMOMENT Makeup Studio. Dr. Abisola Musa graduated from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos in 2014. She has always had the passion for makeup while in school. She will help her friends to trim their eyebrows and apply basic makeup, back in school. After graduating, she decided to get more groomed in the art of makeup while waiting for a placement job at Lagos state University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

After getting groomed, she got a job at National Hospital, Abuja. She moved to Abuja and started practicing her skill on people and getting paid. In the process, she decided to get more groomed in makeup; she went to another makeup school in Abuja. She later got married while still in her makeup school. After she was through with her course, she relocated back to Lagos with her husband and this was when GLAMINMOMENT was established.

The name, GLAMINMOMENT, was decided by she and her husband, they both have the concept that women need to always look good and presentable no matter the occasion. Dr. Abisola Musa is all about beauty, everything and anything that makes her woman happy and feels beautiful and confident. She is of the opinion that a woman should always look confident and presentable anywhere she finds herself, no matter the occasion. Makeup for GLAMINMOMENT basically starts with getting a client, either a walk-in client or a bride or home service clients.

Most clients don’t know the type of makeup that they want, so we ask them how they like their makeup to look before starting the client’s makeup. There is no staff at GLAMINMOMENT but there are people on ground how are always available in case extra hands are needed. It is a business that is just starting and there is no intention of getting any staff no the main time.

Most people don’t know their skin tone or the correct type of shade to use but GLAMINMOMENT is here to be your guide. She is always happy whenever a client feels happy and confident after the makeover. The feedbacks are amazing an she gets good references from old clients.

In the next 5 years, GLAMINMOMENT, will be the brand that brings out the confidence in every woman and creating job opportunities to the society at large and also empowering other women. She has tried her best not to depend on the economy and she has done great at that.

GLAMINMOMENT office is at 7 Oladeinde Street Anthony Village lagos

You can reach her @glaminmoments

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