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World’s leading financial cities

The World’s Leading Financial Cities A financial center, or a financial hub, refers to a city with a strategic location, leading financial institutions, reputed stock exchanges, dense concentration of public and private banks and trading and insurance companies. In addition, these hubs are equipped with first-class infrastructure, communications and commercial systems, and there is a transparent and sound legal and regulatory […]


She exposes kids to be street wise without actually being on the road, Anyanwu Oluseyi, , founder of Apt Foundation School

Anyanwu Oluseyi is the founder of Apt Foundation Nursery & Primary School, Oworonshoki, Lagos. The school came to birth after Creative Children Learning Centre (CCLC), after realizing that kids between ages 1-2 years are out of school because of the fact that their parents go to work and the kids needs to be placed in […]

Human Resource Management in Agricultural Sector

Human Resource Management in Agricultural Sector is the profession that captures the essence of one the factors of production which is the human capital. Human resources is absolutely relevant in the agricultural sector irrespective of the focus of the company operating in the agric sector. The agricultural firm can either be a farm, value added […]


ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) is barging its way into business. As our special report this week explains, firms of all types are harnessing AI to forecast demand, hire workers and deal with customers. In 2017 companies spent around $22bn on AI-related mergers and acquisitions, about 26 times more than in 2015. The McKinsey Global Institute, a think-tank within […]


Kiki’s Sweet is a business that was born out of a hobby, Kike Williams – Iziogba is the CEO of Kiki’s Sweet

  Kike Williams – Iziogba is the CEO of Kiki’s Sweet. Kiki’s Sweet is a business that was born out of a hobby. The idea of the business, Kiki’s Sweet, started when she started cooking and baking for her friends. Before establishing Kiki’s Sweet, she went for cooking classes and also learnt from online videos. […]


Because he could not afford some shoes, he decided to make them, Gbenga Ogundimu Creative Director, Star Lane Classic

  A former banker turned shoe maker, the founder of Star Lane Classic. Mr Gbenga Ogundimu got tired of consulting, and decided to make use of his hands, part of the reason being that he could not afford some shoes, and then he decided to make them. Star Lane Classic produces hand-made shoes, bags, leather […]