Addressing Housing shortage in Nigeria

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We went on investigation the other day to find out why is it still looking like a mirage to achieve affordable housing for all that was part of the dream for year 2000 and still a mirage 18 years after?

This led us to the gates of FIRSTHOME MORTGAGE BROKERS LIMITED on of the foremost leading mortgage broking firms in Nigeria.

We met the MD Mrs. Jumoke Fashanu and had a lot to talk about across the mortgage sector. below are behind the scene shots, watch out for the main interview soonest.


It was a fun day with all the gaffes and corrections but in all it was a wrap!

entrance 2

voiceforsme back shots

At the end of the day we left with that message that affordable mortgage exists and is real in Nigeria. It takes efforts from us all to work together to make affordable housing a reality.



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