Our client a housing cooperative based on the island is in need of a COOPERATIVE COORDINATOR.

The ideal candidate is expected to have a minimum of 1-year experience in cooperative marketing and operations. Candidate is expected not to be more than 35years by December 2021. Must posses a minimum of a 1st degree or equivalent from a recognised university. Candidate is expected to be staying on the island or environs. Candidate is expected to have great communication skills (oral and written), should have good knowledge of Microsoft office tools, be a great team leader and a people person. Candidate is expected to have good social media/digital marketing and IT skills. Retail skills and experience in funds generation will be an added advantage.

Additional requirements that will give candidate an edge will be experience in real estate and finance industry and possession of additional educational qualifications. Also, possession of great field marketing/sales experience.

The following is the expected (non-exhaustive) job description for this position;


  1. Oversee the overall day to day business operations of the cooperative by providing general management.
  2. Implement the duly approved plans and programs of the cooperative and any other directives from the exco.
  3. Provide and submit monthly reports to the Board of Trustees
  4. Manage the relationship with all stakeholders of the cooperative
  5. Social media community management
  6. Generate income lines for the cooperative and continually recruit members into the cooperative
  7. Participate in regular market research, market monitoring, market trends and market information feedback for various commodities and projects that will be undertaken by the cooperative society.
  8. Effectively document all information related to project successes and best practices, create a bank of pictures, videos, and most significant change stories on projects undertaken by the cooperative and report initial market assessment findings.
  9. Identify and build strategic linkages, relations, collaborations and networks with partners and other stakeholders in implementation as well as ensure CORE Project activities are integrated with government interventions so as to ensure sustainability.
  10. Ensure that all cash transactions are deposited in accordance with the policies of the Board of Trustees
  11. Ensure full and complete record of all cash transactions
  12. Maintain a petty cash fund and daily cash position report
  13. Keep an updated and complete registry of all members and be responsible for organising meetings and ensuring attendance of members.
  14. Record, prepare and maintain records of all minutes of meetings
  15. Issue and certify the list of members in good standing
  16. Monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of the cooperative’s management and control system.
  17. Audit the performance of the cooperative from time to time.
  18. Work with the board of trustees to ensure the success and continuity of the Cooperative
  19. Ensure safety of funds and assets of the cooperative
  20. Proper record keeping of all cooperative transactions
  21. Work with other cooperative officers to ensure smooth, effective and efficient running of the cooperative
  22. Proffer & manage innovative and dynamic options for general cooperative development
  23. Effective cooperative project management
  24. Effective management of cooperative deposits and liabilities
  25. Ensure optimal customer service experience
  26. Monitor and manage cooperative APP
  27. Recruit and manage field officers to ensure targets are adequate and met.
  28. Over see and ensure success of the cooperative project and funds
  29. oversee and ensure the cooperative loans are healthy and properly administered

PAY:  pay is competitive in line with industry standards

APPLICATION: qualified candidates should send their CVs to with email subject “cooperative coordinator on island”. The email body should be an application for employment. Applications close by noon on the 10th of November, 2021.